Beaulieu yesterday

A few photos from Beaulieu yesterday. Rich and Diana Foster, Lori and I, and a priest friend Father Thomas traveled the last two weeks in Spain. Just by coincidence, the best connections home to Michigan involved the weekend in London with Rich and me driving to Beaulieu for the AutoJumble. What a great event. I had a bunch of parts from the SS100 to match, Rich needed some SS1 parts, there are all kinds of memorabilia. No drooling allowed…

A few more photos. Many of the usual suppliers that we all use are there. Pook’s books had some tempting items, we found brass base fuel pumps at good prices, etc.

An Edsel child’s car! In the “how did the time go by?” Category, Rich and I figured out that the last time we went to Bieulieu was 34 years ago. That was the time we managed to carry on a dismantled XK150S head onto British Air… But now that we are both retired, we’ll do better.

Its from a carnival ride. I used to run that ride at Adventureland in about 1971.

The one in Helsinki had a Lamborghini Miura roadster (never made in real life) and I loved it! Btw they still have it and our youngest son, who’s now 16, had to be pulled out of it by force when he was 2-3 years old. :smiley:

I’d pay something for it if it ever would be for sale. :slight_smile:


Dave, did you take a note of the prices on those trafficators?

After sorting the trafficators themselves there is always the possibility of dirty contacts in the manette.


The trafficactors were priced at about 75 to 100 L each.
My own experience with fiddling around repairing a worn out set means that’s a bargain price - maybe $2/hour for my time…