Becoming a Patron

What does it take? I donated 100$ about 4-6 weeks ago, but havent heard anything. Perhaps a Thank you….

Hi Peder,

the Patreon system is fully automatic, we don’t monitor the details. If you become a Patreon supporter using the same email address as you use to register for Jag-lovers, it all connects and is credited.

It’s not that we’re not grateful for your (we are), but you have used two different email addresses, and hence confused the advanced technology behind it all! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi Peder,

Thank you! Your support is much appreciated.

Like Nick says, if you use the same email address on as you did to register your account on Jag-lovers, the system will automatically recognize you as a patron.

If you used a different address, or donated via PayPal instead, there is no automatic recognition. Either way, we are grateful for your support.

Kind regards,

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