BEES Bolts 1/4 " BSF Thread

I am looking for some BEES Bolts 1/4 inch BSF Thread. Preferably with the 45R55 or the earlier 45D55 markings on the Head of the Bolt. Thank you.

Karl Robertson
+1 248 766 9141

Has anyone found some 1/4" BSF BEES Bolts they are willing to part with? Let me know. Thank you.
Karl Robertson

How many of what length?

I will buy as many of the 1/4" BSF BEES Bolts you have. the 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1.0" preferably with the Shank fully threaded. Let me know. Thank you.

Karl Robertson
248) 766 9141

Also looking for the 5/16 " BSF BEES Bolts in any and all sizes you have available. Thank uou.

Karl Robertson
4818 Malibu Drive
Bloomfield Hills
Michigan 48302
Tel: +1 248 766 9141

Risking the wrath of the strict originality gods, and while you await sourcing the genuine relics, consider substituting replicas?

I have almost all the original bolts I need to finish my restoration, even down to the places nobody sees under the car, but not everywhere.