Beginning work on AC in a 1984 Series 3 xj6

I know that the 1986 has the Delanaire Mark III system, but the 84?
For you experts out there, I took it to an independent shop a few years ago for AC work, and they said that after working through a bunch of stuff that all they had to do was to connect up a couple wires and it worked. And it did for a time, as little as I drove the car. But now it doesn’t.
So that should give you some clues if you are inclined to jump in there and help.

FWIW, I have a second hobby Jag where the AC does not work as well- a 1993 xjs 4.0 facelift.

I have already downloaded the Palm Manual, btw.

All Series III XJ6s had the Mark II system

Series III V12 cars began using the Mark III system mid-1986 calendar year

More clues needed. What exactly is the problem? Is the system outright inoperative; nothing happens at all?

Or is it operational…but not operating correctly?

Please describe.

Which will have the Mark III system…of which there were several sub-variations


The 84 has the Del II, Bud - in some ways easier to DIY, but maybe less reliable…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Easy to tell by the knobs.

For those unfamiliar with the differences between the Delanair MK II and MK III Climate Control Systems that Jaguar installed in their cars, perhaps the two attached pictures will help. The first picture shows the Delanair MK II Control panel in my former 1984 Series III XJ6 Vanden Plas. I believe that the MK II was installed in the Series III XJ6s and that the early XJ12s got the MK II and the later XJ12s got the MK III.

The second picture shows the Delanair MK III control panel in my 1990 Series III V12 Vanden Plas (essentially a Daimler Double Six badged as a Jaguar for the North American market).

Notice that some of the temperature numbers around the left knob are color coded in blue and red, and that the legend beneath the left knob says “MAN-AUTO” for the Manual and Automatic modes instead of “TEMP”. You can select manual temperature control by pulling out on the left knob. There are many other differences between the MK II and MK III but these are the most obvious.


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Yes, mine is definitely a Mark II. Starting off on the right foot!
I put in an aftermarket radio/cd player, by the way. The Panasonic CQ-RX100U seems to work quite well.
I still have the original somewhere. Worth anything?

Keep it with the car…

Do you really want a flashy ugly replacement like that thing?

The factory installed ‘sound system’ offered all of 4 watts power to each of the four speakers, totally unacceptable, especially when used to power the four factory installed Belgian speakers mounted in each of the four doors. From Crutchfeld in Virginia I purchased four Infinity EX501-A two way speakers which fit perfectly in the doors with no modification necessary. They are powered by a not gaudy Pioneer AM/FM/CD player which proves 50 watts of on distorted sound to each of the four speakers. I’ve retained the factory radio in a draw somewhere in the garage, but other than selling the car which I have no foreseeable plans to do, I cannot imagine why I’d ever choose to return that powerless outmoded unit to the car. I bought the car to be driven, and enjoying my music with a high quality sound system is an integral part of the pleasure of the driving experience.

I like cars with original radios. They will get harder to find with age. So do whatever you want but don’t cut things up or sell the radio unless the car is destined to go to the scrap heap next.
And I really dislike the flashy blingy radio units. Nothing against good sound but it doesn’t have to look bad.

They aren’t cheap, but for the right look you need a Blaupunkt Bremen:

I just put an old looking radio from Retro Sound with Bluetooth in my Arnolt MG and eagerly await using it. Retro Sound doesn’t make anything sufficiently 80’s for me but they do 50’s well:

Agreed. The Pioneer unit I use is not ‘flashy’, and fits perfectly in the factory space.

A hot day today in the midwest US- nothing like BG, though, eh? Lol. Actually, not funny at all.
Anyway, just a quick initial observation to toss out there: I turn the AC on and the clutch does engage on the compressor motor. Turn on meaning that the left switch is on 65, and right switch is on auto.

More info when I get a chance.

OK, good. We now know the system isn’t totally dead; it has some functionality.