Behind the dash electrical wiring to the ignition key

Many may not have seen the optional steering wheel lock that is down by your left knee. It’s a knee buster and I have once broken the key off. The key was starting to not turn and all in all it was just a hassle. We took a saw Zaw and cut it off and all of the internals fell out and now it is gone from our lives.

There were multiple male terminals on the back of the lock but only two 14 gauge wires. Using the handbrake light as an indicator of power, we connected those wires and pressed the starter button with positive results. Not the ideal way to drive ,hot wiring the system, but it worked.

Wanting to have a viable key to use, we found three terminals on the back of the in dash key. With any combination of attaching those original two wires to any of the three terminals, the parking brake light would illuminate indicating a ready to start condition. We disconnected ALL three of those wires and started connecting the two wires from the old steering wheel lock/key.

BUT in any configuration, the starter button would become inactive (out of the circuit); not even a click! We are thinking of tapping into those wires with a “T” to keep the three secured to the in dash key. With 60 year old wiring, one wants to be very careful of making a mistake. Fire and smoke!

We are horrible at reading wiring diagrams and this is such an obscure option that little information is in my original owners manual. I could always put a switch in the cubby under the fold down dash but that won’t be pretty.

Which car do you have? I have not seen such a key in my care (66 3.8S). Although, I have not thoroughly looked for a hidden device like this.

1966 MK2 3.8l

Picture one is knee buster insitu and #2 is cut off car.

My November 1964 build 3.8S does not have one either.

You guys might have a single page at the very end of your FSM showing this item. It was a $ pound option as show on my bill of sale from the dealer. (Yup, I have all paperwork from day one!)

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