Being offered a 7L engine

Engine no is 7L 30511 S. Anybody able to decode its origin please. Shown with 3 x HD8 SU, but these already sold. All I have found is it should be 68-75.

Nothing wrong with it provided it’s cheap. 8L fuel injection electronic ignition engines are the ones to have and are not rare (if no longer plentiful) in scrapyards.

S1 XJ6 4.2L. but never would have had tripples OE.

How much is it being “offered” to you for?

Right, would have twin Stranglebergs or twin SUs of various types depending on country. As Pete says, there are advantages to the 8L Series 3 engines–water passages, rods, intake valves among them. IMHO.

Asking is A$4700, with claims of lots of work on the inside, which is impossible to verify without paperwork of recent date. Looks very clean in the pics, but its a long way from home, so I think I will hang out for an 8L.

Unless at least an inspection is allowed, via a removed oil pan, that’s not a great price.

unless you can satisfy yourself the claimed work was actually done, and done properly by an experienced Jaguar engine rebuilder, that price is way too high.

If you felt fairly sure things were good, I reckon half that would be closer to the mark

the problem for the seller, is if he has no proof, you count on his word

As I once said to someone hassling me to buy something quite forcefully which was incomplete, I stated "without X, it is worth zero dollars to me.

did pay $300 for an 8 series engine that had a $6k rebuild by Jag shop, but that was only cause I did my research, the seller was furious when he found out, but it was already loaded on my trailer and he had been paid

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Gee, aren’t these engines cheap as dirt these days? There were zillions of them installed in XJ6’s over the years, and many owners just dump them in favor of a SBC.

Yea. there are like 3 sitting in the junkyard close to me. 200 bucks on a 40% off day.

When I first saw this thread, I was wondering what type of 7 litre engine we were talking about!

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Out of a Sherman tank or maybe a bulldozer?

Shermans had a slick V8 or possibly 12 by Ford. or some a an aircraft radial style engine!!!