Bell exhaust install s type

So I am finally installing the Bell exhaust system on my 66 S type, and it is so long ago when I removed the original system that I do not remember the mounting brackets on the down-pipes. There is one on each pipe, looks like they should bolt together, maybe to a hanger, and one on the 2nd pipe, looks like it should bolt to the engine block (but no threaded hole anywhere near there).
The factory parts and service manual do not show these brackets or anything associated with them.
Can someone enlighten me as to this detail, and maybe have pictures of this area of the down-pipes installed?
The rest of the system fits as it should, may require a little pipe bending. Because of the T-5 transmission mount it would fit better with straight pipes instead of the front silencer (crossover unit?), I have read other posts noting that these engines do not require crossover pipes (like V8s do). Is anyone running an exhaust without a crossover?

Yes they are bolted together.
As I remember there is also a mounting bracket that bolts to the lower bellhousing mounting bracket.

Thanks, looks like there is some bending to do!
Anyone out there running a true dual exhaust (no crossover pipe / muffler)?

I would not recommend that, as the exhaust collector will give much more balance in how the engine runs.
I know as both my XK140 and XK150 have real dual exhaust, sound a bit like to 3 Cyl engines running in sequence.

My exhaust doesn’t have a collector, it’s a Mk2 not sure that makes any difference but it’s two independent pipes. I’m pretty sure it’s an original style system too… Runs great of course it’s never had a collector so I don’t have anything to compare it to.