Bell housing 3.8 or 4.2?

Hi, I have bought myself a Mark 2. It came with a DG250 and a ‘spare’ auto that was supposed to fit straight…not! As best I can tell, the spare auto is a model 12. It came with a bell housing attached but no flywheel… The DG doesnt have one so I need another. As far as I can tell, the model 12 in 6 cylinder form came only is S1 XJ6’s. Is that correct? The S1 etype in 3.8 form had model 8 transmissions, not model 12’s. Is that correct? So I am thinking I have a 4.2 bell housing on this transmission… but the b&^%%$y thing has no part number on it so I simply cant verify it. Does anyone have any idea how I can tell short of bolting it up with a 4.2 flywheel and starter and seeing what happens?? A tad dramatic I think. Thanks. Morro.

I can’t answer your specific question, but I think the BW12 is a better transmission than the DG250, and it should fit your car if it’s the same size as a BW8 - I know the BW8 fits. I have a working BW8 that I will likely scrap soon, should you be interested in that. It needs an input shaft seal. I’m converting my Mk10 to a GM 700r4, and need to be sure it “takes” before ditching the other.
On the subject of bell housings, you will not have a problem if you match the bell housing, flywheel, and starter, but I think you already knew that.

Hi Ron
Thanks for that. I am actually going 4hp22 out of an XJ40 but i need to have a 4.2 setup to start the conversion. I dont plan to use the model 12 at all… just the bell housing if i can prove its of 4.2 origin. Cheers

Morro, S1 E Types were never fitted with Automatics as there was not enough room.

Hi Norman, is that true of S1 2+2’s?


Many, many (incl. my ex #1E76372BW) Series 1 2+2’s were fitted a BW8 at the factory. I can’t check details anymore as I sold of the box and bellhousing + all automatic parts (except the brake pedal pad) years ago.


Ps. But ONLY 4.2’s, 1966 onwards, no 3.8 E-type ever had an auto box from the factory, the 4.2 came in 1964.