Bellhousing E type 3.8 machined to fit 4.2 Synchro Gear Box

Back after a long vacation. Who has measurements, photos, etc of converting an e type 3.8 bellhousing to fit 4.2 gearbox. Yes, keeping the 3.8 flywheel and starter. Thanks

Hi Steve…As your keeping your 3.8 flywheel & Starter its only the rear of the bellhouseing that needs machining if your mating it to a 4 syncro gearbox…however some 3.8(non E type) bells were fitted to 4 syncro boxes so already have the larger machined recess…so you can take measurements from your gearbox…Steve

The only thing you need to do is to machine out the recess for the front gearbox bearing.

The All synchro box bearing is larger in diameter.

I bolted the bell to a faceplate and trued it up in the lathe so I was accurate to about 1 thou runout.

To centre it I made up a stepped brass mandrel that fitted into the 3.8 bearing hole. The mandrel was centre drilled for a dead centre mounted in the tailstock.

I machined it out to an accuracy of a couple of thou.

It was actually pretty easy once I got over the fear that I was going to wreck it.