Bertone E-Type anyone

Shown on youtube by Richard Owens

Under any marque badge… not a look I like.

I would not kick that out of the garage .


You can have it. I have never been a fan of “flying door stops.”

Though, it WOULD make nice noises!!!

The car/design later became the Lamborghini Espada.

Ah yes, I thought I recognized the rear hatch window. This is way better looking IMO.

Than the Espada? Faint praise, that…:wink:

Your reputation as a glass half full person is being called into question.


Viewed through either glass… car is STILL as ugly as a hatful of arseholes…:smirk:

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And yet, didn’t you just express some affinity for the TR 8? Or am I mistaken.


I did: not NEAR as fugly…:wink:

Styling is so subjective. For example, I’ve never understood the love for the 55-57 Chevrolets; I think they are kind of ugly, and I think the 57-58 Thunderbirds are better looking than the 55-57s. I have no quarrel with those who don’t share that viewpoint.

The Bertone? I like it. I think many who dismiss it do so because it doesn’t look like an E-type. Pretty much the same reason many didn’t like the first XJ-S.

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Aww, pretty harsh. :slight_smile: My Jag spent it least the last 15 years of its life living next to an Espada before I purchased it this winter. They did not manage to mate and produce another Pirana. When I first got to know my friend who eventually sold me the Jag, he tried to interest me in the Espada. I was very interested, and at the time his price was in the 30s, but like so many things in life, that was just the price of admission. I knew I couldn’t afford to bring it back to its glory. You don’t just go out and purchase an upholstery kit for the Espada; everything is custom made. It needed exhaust work and one muffler was $1500. Plus another muffler and two resonators. Not to mention the complexity of six Webers vs. three SUs. Espadas are an acquired taste, and I acquired it because they’re just so frickin’ cool. My wife thought it was the ugliest thing on four wheels.

Anyway, I digress. Photo 1 shows the two lovebirds side by side. Photo 2 may be the best view of an Espada.


It had a cool engine: I’ll give it that.

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Didja ever drive it? I drove one once in the early '80s, and was not at all impressed. Seemed very crude. The engine was nice, but the clutch and transmission seemed to me downright agricultural. Nice looking car, in its day, but not one I’d want to own.

Ray L.

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Your characterization of that, and most period Lambos, is pretty spot-on. They drove… crudely.

Lamborghini was originally a tractor company, so it’s no surprise that their early cars drove like one :laughing:

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Nope. Hasn’t moved under its own power in the six years that I’ve known him. Just like all the rest of his exotics. I’ll take your word for it.