Best deal on new wire wheels and Michelin tires?

Cokers Michelins are on backorder. Any suggestions on quality SS Spoke Wheels and Michelin sources?

You might consider going to 16 x 6 wire wheels. More tire choices. The casual observer will never know. Dayton makes them and knows what size fits an XKE.
I’m running 205-65R16. Same diameter as originals so no speedometer recalibration required.

Any noticeable difference in turning effort Bill?

I can’t say, I never drove the car with the narrow tires on it. It was a ground up restoration from a PO project…

This independent review on classic car tyres is worth a read:

Not sure how Covid has affected overseas shipping, but in the past I’ve found Longstone Tyres to have the best selection and pricing. Back in the good old days (pre 2020) my orders would arrive in 3-4 days.

I’m now running the Coker Michelin XWX on 15x6 wheels. I’ve been running 205s for decades on my S1 and always hated the hard parking and slow turns. I installed the electric EZ power steering and don’t regret it for a minute. I was thinking about a hydraulic PS but didn’t want to worry about more pipes and belts.

My choice has always been Dayton wheels…I now have center laced 15 x 6 wheels with Michelin 205/65R15 Defender tires…and with 3 eared knockoffs I had custom made to my design from a well known vendor in England…this combination is my favorite and these Michelins are great handling rubber…HB