Best material for headliner

Hello everyone!
The headliner is sagging (of course) above the rear seat. I have the typical foam backing material that matches with the original color. But if I replace it, I wanna get a fabric without the foam. Suede perhaps? Has anyone used it? If yes, will it last longer than the regular since no foam separation would occur? And where can I get a matching color or something very close to the oem?

Joe …

This is my go-to place, they have absolutely everything …

If they can’t help you I’d be shocked :open_mouth:

Thanks Grooveman! What I’d like to know is what material I can use that doesn’t have foam backing and last the longest? There’s an automotive upholstery shop pretty close to me and they have a matching headliner to my car but will ask them about other materials.

I’d consider faux crocodile skin. It’s extremely classy.


The problem with the material you’re wanting to use is more then likely the adhesive you use to bond it to the backing board will probably bleed thru and stain it. Unless it is a 2 layer material like the foam backed material.

Or the real deal, as it’s even classier, albeit a bit frowned upon by the PETA types. :frowning:

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Now you guys confused me. What if I can find a fluffy pink headliner? Something like a steering wheel cover?

Joe, just pin it up with those twist pins and forget it

That’s what I’m going to do if it gets to be a problem.

Larry, I also thought of it.

How is you headliner holding up? Any looseness behind (above) the sun visors?

But of a crush here and there in the back seat where I pressed up against it loading something or other …fortunately not crushed in the pattern of a pair of feet :sweat_smile: …some looseness but not enough to make me rush out and fix it …actually I would say I don’t really have a problem with it yet.

Looking at the link you posted Joe I wouldn’t do it like that …those twist pins are a lot less noticeable, better choice IMO

I think I’m gonna find some headliner material without a foam backing and do it after the summer heat is gone. End of Oct. or perhaps Nov.