Best racing frame

Hello Jag-lovers!

My name is Giulio and I’m italian.
I sold last year my 1963 FHC e-type and i’m now looking for a first serie OTS e-type.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the right one yet.

In the meanwhile I’m helping a friend to improve the performance of his old racing e-type (prepared in the early 90s!).
(3.8 fhc from 1963)

I wish your opinion about the best engine frame on the market.
I know about some product but I think they are made mainly for street use.

Are out there some product especially made for racing with the best materials and the best performance?

Thank you in advance for your precious help.
I will post as soon as possible some pictures of the car!


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Which “frame” are you referencing?

I refer to engine frame (left and right) and picture frame.
I contacted E-type Fabs and I had an excellent feedback so I decided to buy from them but I didn’t place my order yet.

Any advice?

Just that Uryk is a great person to deal with, extremely helpful, and his
frames are way better then the originals both in looks and
strength…although just in “feel” they seem to be a little heavier than
the originals…heavier gauge metal.

Id go withUryk’s: they are the bee’s knees, by all accounts

Thank you guys for your advices.

As les_halles said Urik was really kind and helpfull.
The car has to be FIA compliant and Urik told me what is permitted in accordance with his experience, but he added the situation isn’t clear too and he suggested me to do my research.
In my opinion he was extremely correct.

I didn’t buy the frame yet just because I’m waiting for an expert in omologation approval.
As soon as I receive his confirmation I place my order.

Uryk detailed me the difference in weight between his frames (different steps have different weights) and original frames.

In my opinion the small weight increase is much less important than stiffness gain.

I’m going to reinforce the body and to install Uryk frames, then I will measure torsional stiffness of the car.
I can share my results.
Unfortunately I can’t compare “before and after” because car is disassembled now!

Be reminded, the frames add next to nothing in torsional rigidity, due to the fact they do not ‘see’ the weight of the car: they hold up the engine and bonnet, and resist only the torsional forces of the dampers.

That said, I would be surprised if Uryk’s frames would not pass any homologation edicts, but, best to be safe!

I’m going to measure torsional stiffness at the 4 points where suspensions are fixed.
In my opinion a stronger frame should add rigidity.

Unfortunately I had a first, bad, news.
To be compliant with my FIA fiches (I can’t remember the number but I can find it) I can do next to nothing to the frame.
No visible reinforcement, no lightweight picture frame, ecc…
It seems I can install just Uryk standard frame (that should be 30% stronger than original ones).

I asked for further investigation because I can’t believe it’s true!

Any help?

Cant believe which? need mo’ info!

I can’t believe I can’t install a lightweight spec picture frame!

I don’t know how to post pictures with my smartphone… I mean the picture frame with 4 reinforcements at the corners.

Any experts on FIA fiches?

Said only with the best of intentions: if you are worried about a few kilos, then it’s time to work on driving techniques!


Somewhere, in the old forum, a decade ago, I posted the best bit about driving limits I have ever read: Ill see if I can scrounge it up.

Good advice Wiggles!!
I agree with you!!

The “lightweight spec” frame I referred to, isn’t a lighter frame.
It is simply the frame installed by jaguar on the lightweight (aluminium) cars build in 1964.
This frame is heavier but stronger because it has 4 reinforcement in the picture frame.

once again pictures would help but I’m sorry, I don’t know how to post pictures!

Fiches number 100 of 1963 doesn’t refer to frame improvements.
My question is: are there another fiches or some appendix I don’t know?

The owner of the car is an excellent pilot.
He won championships in national and european competitions mainly driving historic cars.
He is for sure the best jaguar driver I know…I can’t suggest him to take driving lessons!!!

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I purchased a set of upgraded subframe from Uryk and they are, as everyone agrees, wonderful. I’m running about 300hp with GTJ ported and polished head, cam, suspension, flywheel, etc. My picture frame was literally being pulled apart. Uryk upgrade the subframes and they fit perfectly.

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Ciao Giulio,

fiche 100 refers to the 1963 homologation, and I suspect your friend would probably like to race under period F hence pre-65, but if not there are posterior fiches that may be interesting to consider among which

506 Jan 1st 1966 4.2l coupe roadsteréopen-roadster

507 Jan 1st 1966 3.8l coupe roadsteréopen-roadster

619 July 1st 1969 4.2l FHC

I also understand that the FIA makes and interprets the rules in the end, so getting in touch with the FIA Registrar in charge of the car would lead to the final answer to any pending question.

Saluti from the other side of the Alps…