Best Sources for Parts

Just purchased a 70 roadster so the project begins.
Engine is seized so will need a complete rebuild after a tear down to assess the internal condition but notice a few missing parts already.
alternator and mounting bracket
harmonic damper and pulley
floor pans
Any recommendations for the best sources would be appreciated.

I use Moss Motors for new parts and David Boger for used

He is reasonably priced and the parts are in the condition he claims. I got a U-joint yoke from him that was heavily scored internally and he replaced it.


69 OTS

Hi John and Welcome!

I think shipping costs are a big concern. So, it would help to know what country you live in.

Without knowing that, I can share what I’ve learned in the last 2 years while fixing up my SII coupe.

While many parts can be sourced from the big parts houses. Certain parts (e.g. Tires, interior kits and perhaps, body panels) are best purchased from specialist dealers. Other parts are unobtainable and need to be sourced on eBay.

Living in California, I start with SNG Barratt and then try California-based Moss. (Moss’s shipping is a little costlier/slower and the added state sales tax is significant.)

-Tom -

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Contact Dick at Coventry West and send him the engine, he’ll return ready for installation.
I would check with Chuck at , for body panels and even used parts.
Also OSJI in Indiana for body and mechanical work .

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I like SNG Barret.
Moss, not so much.
K&H in Garden Grove for interior work.
However, the older gentleman doing the 68 right now is doing one more Jag then only kits will be sold. At 72 he is retiring.

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I’m in the Detroit area and also have access to Canada.(I have experience with moss over the years for other British car needs.) They have an extensive catalog however prices seem high. Good for reference.

Thanks , I will check out David. I have bid on a couple used parts on E bay out of Washington St.

Thanks Marco
I have had a lot of talks with Chuck during the searching for cars. Ive talked to him about body panels but never parts so a good tip there. Who is OSJI in Indiana??? I will also talk to Dick at Coventry…

They know our cars . I’ve only had trim work done by them (two seat and a console) and was very happy with their work, easy to work with too.
Heard they do more than upholstery, maybe others here will chime in. Always good feedback about them either way.

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My 150 OTS is currently finishing up paint and body at OSJI (Muncie Imports). They also did the interior kit for my MKII. Send me a PM and I’ll tell you all about my experiences with them.

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Coventry West is closed. They are retiring.

When did that occur??

I think about a month ago. I called last week about having my V12 steering rack rebuilt and Ray told me they are closing/closed. He did say they are in negotiations to sell the rebuild business to another party but it is not finalized.

Nothing about it on their website except to say they have closed the used parts sales dept effective July 5, 2022.,forward%20to%20hearing%20from%20you!

John then give them a call about rebuilding something and let us know what he says.

For parts in general prominent suppliers include:

Moss Motors

SNG Barratt!/English/AboutUs

Welsh Enterprises

Jaguar Parts and Accessories - Welsh Enterprises

In addition, there are many other sources. Many more common items can be found at your local auto parts store, sometimes referred to as FLAPS for your “Friendly Local Auto Parts Store”, Rock Auto and other on-line parts retailers.

Google Jaguar E-type Parts and you will find page after page of results.

For an engine rebuilt I’m familiar with two shops; Coventry West near Atlanta (they rebuilt my Series II’s drivetrain and Classic Jaguar in Austin, Texas. those aren’t the only two by a long shot, but they are the only two I have any knowledge of.

Well that’s depressing (Coventry West closing), it’s like loosing John Farrell, maybe worse. Dick has been incredible to work with and their craftsmen in their profession. Very sad…
I use SNG Barrett almost exclusively for parts. William Wigglesworth has been my contact there for years.

Thanks for that info. I am familiar with a few.

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