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I don’t know any more than anyone else about it and maybe I know less, but I’m only aware of their used parts department closing, not the entire operation. I got that from their website. I did hear a rumor, and I forget where I heard it, that they were relocating.

That’s generally who I use as well, hoping Mr. Wigglesworth is the guy on the other end of the line when I call.

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John – more info here: Retirement time for me
From the horse’s mouth

Yes, that popped up shortly after I made the post you referenced.

@Dick_Maury is no longer at CW.

Yes, bittersweet news.

I’m also near the border, but on the other side. Not much new stuff available up here. MacGregor the exception for superior quality body seals. I deal mostly with US based suppliers and have purchases shipped to a dropoff in Niagara Falls NY. Mostly SNG historically but also Welsh and Moss. Terry’s too. SNG (New Hampshire) and Welsh (Ohio) don’t charge NY state sales tax but California (Moss) has a reciprocal arrangement with many US states so worth checking out for Michigan. I’ll also endorse OSJI for interiors - they’ve supplied me two complete kits and both are stellar - and SC Parts in the UK for MWS wire wheels - two sets from them. I’ve had great service on gauge rebuilds from West Valley Instruments in California. Certainly not an exhaustive list. Other suppliers get glowing reviews in here. Monocoque Metalworks for body panels. Bassets for tops and interiors. Generally the usuals are good to deal with. The exceptions you’ll need to hear about privately as J-L is understandably reticent to have the site used to post disparaging vendor reviews.

And welcome aboard. This will be your greatest resource of all.


Thanks for the great info Nick. Looking forward to being here

By the way I’m in the Detroit area but originally from Windsor. There is a great engine builder there who has only been doing Rolls Royce and Jag engines for many years. He owns Danny’s Transmission in Windsor but he personally only works on these in engines in a separate back garage. Cheers!

I’m looking for an experienced shop this side of the border to install valve guides with seals in my ‘54 head. I’ll drop them a line to enquire.

I think Dan might be your guy . I’ve been in his shop before as my buddy ran his trans shop out front for years. He has rebuilt a lot of very old Rolls and Jag motors to the point of making parts no longer available especially on the Rolls of which he is a collector. I believe he was also one of the only certified Rolls shops or parts suppliers or something in Ontario. Let me know how it works out!.