Best tyres for a MK1 or MK2 saloon


Have any of you guys tried these

they are the best tyres for these cars, we generally ship them free of carriage charges, and they are a bargain.

what do you think?

Over priced at the best part of £1000 for 4 tyres , £100 each would be about right !

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I’m sure I had a set n my ‘65 ‘S’ many years ago, worked alright I think, didn’t crash the car if thats anything to judge them by :innocent:

Isn’t Coker tire licensed to manufacture Michelin antique tires from original Michelin molds in the USA?

Nope these are proper Michelin, made by Michelin in a Michelin factory with Michelins quality control, compounds and build quality.

You can’t get a tyre suitable for these cars for £ 100

i pay loads more than that for tyres for my modern XJR, and they are just a modern generic tyre.

Hopefully on the page above it will show you why they are so much better for a MK2 Saloon

What is the DOT wear rating for the following:

Michelin 185HR 15 XVS-P

Michelin 180R 15 XAS

Vredestein Classic 185-15

Are all of these tubeless type? Are any unidirectional tires?

They don’t have to give that data on classic tyres. the demands on a classic tyre are different to a modern tyre. They don’t make tyres like the XVS or XAS any more they are pretty special, with than Asymmetric Carcass as well as asymmetric tread pattern developed to give a dramatic improvement to the self centreing of the steering of classic cars which were begining to find themselves maintaining higher cruising speeds on motorways. Michelin invented the XAS in 1968 when they owned Citroen to make the DS perform better at cruising speeds, and take out some of the wandering. which is why they are so brilliant now with our crap rutted motorways. I have them on my Rolls Royce.