Best way to add Bluetooth to an X350?

I would like to add Bluetooth to my “new” ‘04 XJR. Ideally i’d add the OE Jaguar parts for Bluetooth in the later X350s, but my Internet research hasn’t turned up the necessary parts or how to install them. As a (distinctly) second-best alternative, I have an unused Motorola 98500 BT kit, which requires splicing into the radio wires, which I would rather not do and I don’t have a wiring diagram anyway. [Would need to know the constant power wire, the switched power wire, and the accessory wire (which mutes the radio in favor of the accessory).] Has anyone the information to help me here? Thanks.
2004 XJR 43k

The original Jaguar Factory setup was pretty ‘picky’ about the models that would ‘pair’ with the car. When I worked at the dealer there was a list of phones that were ‘known-compatible’ and many customers were angry that the phone they had would not ‘pair’ with the car. I would point out that the phone was ‘not-on-the-list’ which would anger the customer ever further!!!

I’m sure the later cars and equipment are far more compatible than the early endeavors of bluetooth connectivity.

The original system will require a module and the correct Black Optic Fibre cable kit.

The system might need to be configured to recognize the addition if other components are not installed. There is a specific order of all the components in the system.

There is a D2B link lead matrix in a TSB. I will attach the TSB


X-30 Accessory CD Changer Installation.pdf (69.6 KB) X-24am Voice Activation.pdf (31.6 KB)