Best way to remove 2006 SV8 spark plug covers

2006 Super V8. I need to do a compression check. Is it best to pry the spark plug covers from the top or from the bottom? Anyone have a video? The covers seem very flexible but don’t want to pop off and I definitely don’t want to break something. Any quick advice? Thanks

Update: Got a smaller pry bar and got the left cover off after loosening the bracket above it and removing the intake tract. Seems it fits over just two studs about 5+ inches from each end and 1-3/4 inches down from the top. I expect the right side will be similar. On to the coils and spark plugs.

Next question; Do you squeeze the end of the connector on the coil pack to remove it or do you squeeze the the connector closest to the coil pack? Mine don’t seem to want to come off.

2nd question: I looks like the cover at the back of the engine compartment that fits around the screen wipers will have to come off to get at the back spark plugs. Does it just fit under the windscreen edge or is it glued to the windscreen? It seems pretty darn the glass.

and 3rd, is it necessary to disconnect the battery before disconnecting the coil packs?

Update 2:

I did managed to get all the coil packs out without having to remove the rear cowl cover so one less thing to deal with, and for anyone needing to do this yourself, a set of long nose hose pliers from HF with little circular tips on the end will allow you to reach the coil pack connectors and depress the catch tab at the wire end while working the connector off with the pliers - especially helpful on the rear two. Best done with the coil packs unbolted and raised up a little in order to reach both sides of the connector to squeeze the locking tab with the pliers.

new question: one coil pack had some oil on the shaft and the rubber boot on the end would turn and pull off; the others have a white substance at the boot/shaft interface that appears to be some sort of glue or silicon. Should I silicon this boot to the shaft before I put it back on?