Better washers than fiber

Yes, I would like to know the standard. I’ve seen a lot if stats, just not weighs. Maybe someone here has a few laying around they can weigh?

I guess you set the jet height to the float height and it makes no difference at all. 1.5 grams, what difference does it make - how buoyant are they?

How buoyant? They all float high, that is, above their centered solder lines. These SUs have been rebuilt numerous times, with the last early 2000s. Last time out was in 2015 (Vid) Am going to check float height,
Wanna take a ride? Hop in…On the road E-Type - YouTube
BTW, please excuse my “flipping” phone (literally). I didn’t have a proper stand.

It would be my thought, that there is more than sufficient buoyancy in the floats to accommodate small variations in weight, it is after all the distance measurement that the factory says to set the floats by.
my 2 cents

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The way to be sure is to remove the domes and observe the fuel height in the jets.


Yes, that’s why I have a couple of both… big ones, little ones… lefties, righties…

Yeah, I’ve done this in the past. Good reminder.

I should learn not to jinx a good thing. I started prepping the car for spring yesterday. Turned the key…clik…clik…clik…clik… The pump didn’t stop. The fiber washers on the float bowl banjos seem to have shrunk over the winter. On the one hand, I had a bunch of new fiber gaskets at hand. On the other hand, I pumped quite a bit of gas on the floor before I realized something was wrong. It sure doesn’t take much fuel to stink up a house. Nice cold day too, just right for throwing open the doors and windows.

Sooooo…has anyone found something better than red fiber?

Hi Michael…out of interest were the bolts tight…typically the bolts need to be really tight…and if after a rebuild etc and a few miles covered they need re tightening…almost feels like your overtightening…anyway aluminium or copper would do the job but fibre works if very tight…Steve

VERY tight. I’m always afraid that I’ll crack a lid when I do up the carbs. The washers had definitely shrunk. The ID’s were so tight that I could barely get them off the bolts.

Thought about doughty washers? Not sure if they are petrol resistant though?

Don’t know if they’d work but I have my dowts about your spelling. :slight_smile:


And you would be quite correct to do so :imp:

I haven’t found dowty washers with the correct dimensions. And most don’t specify material.

I always had pretty good luck with the aluminum washers: I would use extra-fine valve grinding paste on them and a piece of glass just to even up any irregularities.

There are other uses for it, too…:wink:

My only complaint is they did not use a safety bolt at the bottom…

Yes a most disturbing omission on their part.

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I’m down to two alternatives, Viton or nylon. The nylon is easy, it’s the same size and hardness as the fiber. Not sure if it will seal better. Viton turns out to be slightly thicker, but should compress to the right thickness when clamped down. It will certainly seal much better. I’m going to start with the Viton rings and see how they work. Both are available from McMaster, pns are 95606A540 and 1170N57.

Thanks for sharing the P/Ns. Mcmaster’s is my “go-to” for little bits.

I have some fiber and some aluminum washers. Older, but still leak free. Famous last word!