Bettie's Engines are ready to go to Coventry West

(john carey) #1

I removed my 4.2 engine and gearbox and added my original number matching 3.8 engine to this pallet. Hoping to get the 3.8 and gearbox back in the early part of 2019, itching to be on the road again.

(Erica Moss) #2

Perhaps I missed it, did your engine break? Were you running the 4.2 in Bettie? Are you rebuilding both?

You can put 2 engines on a single pallet? That’s an awful lot of weight on crappy wood. If it fails on a forklift it’s going to a bad day indeed.

(john carey) #3

Yes you missed a few postings - I had a problem (knocking deep inside) that appears to be broken ring or ?? I Years ago I had originally been working on a Series 2 1969 that I had the motor and gearbox rebuilt for, but the bodywork was too far gone for my amateur skills, so I sold it on without the drive train and purchased Bettie my 1963 from James Douglas. I installed the 4.2 into the 1963 because it was already done. I kept the 3.8 original motor for a future rebuild and that day has come. So instead of rebuilding the 4.2 I will have the original 3.8 done. :slight_smile: My 4.2 will be broken down to find out what went wrong and some of its parts will be used to do the 3.8. stay tuned…

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #4

Hi John, good luck with all of that. For the data point: engine out top or bottom? Paul

(69 FHC ) #5

You are going to have 5 months or so to fiddle with the engine bay while everything is apart. A good time to add any insulation you want to the transmission tunnel and perform general housekeeping chores.

If you haven’t discussed it with Dick yet be sure to ask for Cometic gaskets for the cam covers and intake. Are you having Dick rebuild the water pump? Money well spent, IMO.

(john carey) #6

Bottom working alone. Used a floor jack too. :grinning:

(1967 FHC) #7

Videos available here:

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #8

That’s the same way I did it - also alone. Seems this is the consensus method. Less “heart in the mouth”. Thanks, Paul

(john carey) #9

The pallet was picked up today Dec 6, 2018… On to the next phase…

(Erica Moss) #10

How much was the shipping for such a thing?

(Ray Livingston) #11


Why not ask Dick to splice the two blocks together, to make a V-12? Or, just join them end-to-end, to make an inline twelve? Either way, you’d have the first 8.0L E-Type! :slight_smile:

Ray L.

(john carey) #12

Sounds like something Jagboy Enterprises would do! :slight_smile:

(john carey) #13

I really don’t know yet, holding my breath!

(jim neel) #14

Hi John. Did he give any estimate for turnaround? Maybe I could come down and give a hand with the install when the time comes.

(john carey) #15

Not yet I will ask once the raw material for the 3.8 is on site and they can inspect it. The timing will vary if it needs machine shop work I suspect. Also the work load at this time of the year will imapct his turnaround time too. I assume they are busy all year round, but I am hopeful for a springtime return. I’d love to have a helper to reinstall, so yes indeed I will stay in touch with you on this…