Biennial judging

I’ve heard details of your concours from several sources now and all
report the beauty of the location and of the great success of the event.

It sounded as though you may have tried some judging variations in terms
of the size of the teams and the number of scoresheets. How did that
work out and would you recommend it for all sizes of concours?

Did you have enough judges to choose from? Did your advanced letter
request produce as many judges as you needed? If not, how did you corner
others? Any unique problems with the exhibitors or obvious shortcomings
with the “re-ordered Rule Book”?

The “regional” (away-from-home) events are never the easiest to
coordinate. Any of your lessons learned would be of value to those of us
who will face them again in the future. As time permits, I (and I’m
certain others on the “Concours site”) would appreciate hearing your
comments and recommendations.

Thanks, Dick Cavicke, Chief Judge San Diego Jaguar Club