Big 4 electronic ignition

electronic ignition what have other members used poitive or negative ignition and benifits there in peter

A few years ago I fitted a tracker that only accepted negative earth. It’s quite good fun and relies on sat nav but the satellites are not geostationary so when I interrogate it at home it sometimes appears to be in one of my neighours’ gardens instead of my garage.


Erm… I think the OP’s post was about electronic ignition?


Not precisely sure of their question, but an upgrade to a modern ignition system is a valuable one.

Yes, negative earth doesn’t improve dyslexia!

Peter :shushing_face:

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Not sure what measurable gain would be obtained.
My only problems I ever had with the distributor were the condensers… and they were Ford Ellon brand.
A friend with a prewar Wolseley Hornet put one on that… and removed it.
Didn’t put it on his SS so I think he still has it and probable for sale.

One gets rid of the points, AND condenser. Best mod I ever did to Tweety, and every other car I did such on.

Expensive est of points and condensor. though.