Big end bearings lost. How can I find out what size?

Hello all,
I am finally making progress with the reassembly of the engine.
The crankshaft is in with +10 bearings.
Only now, after over a year I realize that the box of big end bearings never made it out of the machine shop…
I have to reorder a set.
I want to be extra sure I order the right size (it will be either standard or one size over).
How can I determine the size I need? Measure the crankshaft with a caliper or micrometer.
Thank you

Well, either, so long as it’s a machinist’s tool.


Make sure to check both sides of the journals, 90 degrees apart, around the circumference of the journal.

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Great thanks, now I need to find the specs :slight_smile:
The Repair Operations Manual shows nothing :frowning:
It says the specs for the small end are in Engine Data Set 05… but that’s it. Cant find the Engine data Set…

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What year engine do you have?..specs are stated in the S2 XJ manual (for example)
I do not have S3 XJ , but do have all earlier FSMs

It is a S2 XJ, # 8L27778-S


Thank you for this Mike, I do not however see here the specs for the big end crankshaft bearing journal.

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top photo, top line, - 2.086" is the standard size

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This reminds me: when I rebuilt the Rover, due to the crank needing to be ground, my crank guy needed the stock journal dimension: the otherwise excellent factory manual had every other dimension… except for the rod journals!

Took me a looootta hunting to find it.

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Ah, I see, it is called… “crankpin” :slight_smile:

I love this: “Check the top face of the cylinder block for truth.”


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Ditto! I’m STILL looking!

I always wondered why they didn’t just call it 53mm? 2.086" is just such an odd, inefficient way to call out a dimension.

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They are all at 2.075", it looks like the shop machined them all to -10.
So thats what I need.