Big rod bearings for a 2.5L MK

I’m getting close to closing up my 2.5. I’m still in need of big end rod bearings. The ones that came out of the car were verified in a catalogue by Worcester Classic Spare Parts as Glacier S7583M. Walt from Vintage Jag Works says that if I can’t find any, have them coated by Calico Coatings and swap the top half for the bottom half of another set. Not my first choice but might be my only choice.
I did have Jeff at Jolly Rogers Motors try to find some Triumph bearings to fit but he wasn’t successful.
If any one can point me in the direction of a set, PLEASE let me know.

This is where a lack of old machine shop guys hurts: it used to be that NAPA had Buyer’s Guides, with all the specs of all their parts, and as often as not, Dad and I could find some bearings, somehow, even if it took a bit of sizing the block/crank/rods to make them fit.

Try Egge Machine, In Sante Fe Springs, CA.

According to the Mark V Manual pg B35, the shell bore diameter is 1.896" to 1.895"; presumably this is for new parts.
Vertical clearance called for is .001" to .0025"
The ID of the rod big end is 2" +.0000" -.0005"
The width is 1-3/16"
So the task is to look through Clevite catalogues for some other engine with the same size bore and ID.
An oversize width can be shaved off in a mill.
If the anti-rotation notch is in the wrong place, a new one can be made in the rod.

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Rob, thanks again for coming to my aid. I’ll try to see if the Clevite catalogue is on line. Wish me lick!


Well…I went to the source and called Mahle-Clevite and got a fellow that spent several years as a Jaguar mechanic and has had two MK 2’s. He searched their data base and found bearings close but no cigar. I’d either have to machine the crank or the rods. So I guess I’m back to having these coated and go from there.

Is the engine apart?

Yup, just had the top end done and bought a new head gasket. Had the rings made in Las Vegas…hope THAT’S not a gamble! Found the bearing scoring when I pulled the pistons. The engine is low mileage and everything is still standard.
I’m resigning myself to coating the rod bearings and swapping as stated above and putting it back together. I can always swap out those bearings if I find a new set. About a two hour job with a beer in one hand!

I tried finding the invoice for the rebuild of my 2.5 but it didn’t have the bearings on it.
I vaguely recall them being the same as Massey Ferguson tractor apart from the tang which was then modified.
I would have to locate the part numbers.

I believe that the 1.5 bigends are the same as the 2.5. I used MGA bearings (MGB will also suit), but had the tang moved and the rod taken out a bit. This also required the crank being ground to suit.

Call me silly but I’d rather not start machining the various parts of this engine. I did cut the ridges at the top of the cylinders but everything else is standard.

Certainly your preference, but machining a crank and rods to use good quality, unrecoated bearings isn’t at all harmful, nor will it affect the car’s value.

My concern would be if the bearing crush was adequate on the recoated, old shells, plus roundness of the rods and journals.

If the engine’s worn enough to have ridges, I’d be seriously suspect of its other critical parts.

Graham, that would be great! Please send them along if ax Nd when you find them.