Bilstein B4 vs B6 and Boge OE version shocks question

From what I understand, the B6 is stiffer than the B4 and the factory Boge. I don’t mind a bit stiffer, but I’d still like a factory smooth ride. I rarely exceed 85mph, so I don’t need ultra sporty feeling shocks; however I do live in a city known for it’s potholes and rough streets. I spend more time on the inner city side streets than the freeways. In addition, I need to consider that about once every couple of years, I have to replace the lower front shock bushings, which seem to get beat to a pulp. I still have the original factory shocks (with Jaguar logo stamped at the bottom), the car is a 1996 XJ6 with about 160k… I am sure it’s time for new shocks. I’d rather not get a stiffer shock, since I really don’t want to have to replace those lower bushings even more than I already do.

My temptation is to just get the Bilstein B4 (OE ride comfort level), but I have read good things about the B6 (apparently a sporty, more HD shock). I’m also open to the Boge version (also OE level ride)…

Thoughts? Open to suggestions.

Boge is (if I recall) less than half of Bilstein.

Why not just take the money off the table and put it in your pocket and call it a day?

The Boge’s have held up fine in my 96. I think I replaced them about 40,000 miles ago. I live in the DC area and they work fine.

(I just remembered this is the x300 site, I drive the XJS)