Bit of advice on weird VIN number plate

Just got car back from new paint. It looks great but brake servo failed after picking up which meant an interesting 30 mile drive back.

Anyway have had time now to get into the car details and just wanted somebody who knows what they are talking about to comment on these VIN plates.

It’s a South African built car manual od. It’s registered as 72 or 73 but that chassis number looks like late 1970? It looks VERY dodgy that plate!

I have no idea what they are supposed to look like but surely not like that.

I can’t find the Leyland version that was probably used in 70, but here’s a slightly earlier one the same shape on a Triumph. Look for Leykor or Leyland SA vin plates.

You know, I’m a dumbass. If that BMC tag VIN is off a Triumph Spitfire, and it is, it’s clearly post Leyland merger! They must have not changed the name until later.

Right - this is the other plate. Looks to me like a homemade replacement!

I stripped a XJ6 here in SA, and the VIN plate(s) look the same.
I can follow up and look at more in a few days.

Thanks Dominik, that’s quite a relief - I had thought the car may have been an old fashioned cut & shut job. I may have a more correct VIN number plate made up anyway. Still, I’d be pleased to know any more or see a pic of your VIN plate.

Looks to me like the bodyshell hung around for quite a while before being built up, I have no idea why.

It seems South Africa did quite a few weird things, they had to have quite a large percentage of the car made or built in SA to avoid import duty so had quite a free hand. The Warwick grey on my car is substantially lighter than the factory grey. Seats appear to be all SA. I had a lovely ex SA Alfa Giulia on which colours and specs varied quite a bit from Euro.

I was surprised to hear that South Africa was for many years in the 60’s-80’s one of the largest export markets for prestige/sports cars.

Sorry, in Germany now and only saw your response today… I get a pic for you soon.
It seems they stamped them in SA in the car, or on a soft (wooden) workbench. That leaves a deeper imprint.

SA still builds most, if not all RHD BMW and Mercedes.

this is my plate supposed to be SA built although log book says first reg 21 3 1978 anyways here’s mine

your plate is as original as mine, so why replace it…its part of the history