Bizarre cylinder head face marks

I‘ll make a detailed post very soon, but I bought an otherwise very, very nice car with ‚engine damage‘ and it looks much worse. I‘d like to keep the motor as it is matching numbers, but it is seized and #2 piston looks almost as if it melted… accompanied with this:


I brushed it off a little and the valves look good. If they seal and the head is straight, I want to keep it and likely skim it. Thoughts appreciated!

It looks as if some foreign object got in there: if also apoears that a big impact happened tight over tge top ring land.

I’d be VERY concerned about that damage seizing the ring, leading to very not good terrible bad things.

Like, how bad? The engine has been open for decades (not in the rain) so we‘re waiting until we get the pistons out to decide what to do, but I hope that, besides the liners and maybe the oil pump, everything is going to be okay… or should I worry about the crank? Rods? At least the piston is not at some odd height…

Well I can imagine the engine seizing and bent rods and will keep you updated on that. What about other bad things I forgot worrying about?

Not bent rods: damage that little will not bend a rod, but it can slam shut the ring land, seizing the ring, which, over time, could lead to a burnt piston.

Ok, that makes a lot of sense. Since the piston is gone anyways and there was an inch of dirt in the bores, all of that will have to be replaced either way. I‘m happy with the damage because due to this the rest of the car is complete and original :slight_smile:
Thanks for the advice, as always!

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Yikes. Yes, right on.
Something definitely got in there.

best wishes

As for me, FINALLY I am getting into it. Noted that indeed something got in there obviously wiping away the grease I placed on cylinder walls.
I noted in particular a long vertical mark which can be felt with the finger nail.

The other marks cannot be felt however.
Despite this all cylinders look glazed anyway despite great compression.

This one with damage was low. Jumped up to perfect with a bit of oil.
Despite noting valve leak during head pressure test, I just can’t let this go and intend to hone it with the rest of them, replace rings.

What types of marks/discolorations are these otherwise?
Result of overheating or coolant within cylinder? The object that entered damaging a ring?

It’s been a while and I don’t remember this stuff anymore.

Anyway, I knew better. It was going to be all or nothing.
We hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Kind regards