Black canister in front of fulcrum bolt

Hi hope someone can help me. There is a black canister forward of the left side upper fulcrum bolt. Has an electrical connector only. What does this do please

Hey Matt can you post a photo of the offending item?

I’m gonna say it’s the charcoal canister. Your gas tank vents to this canister to eliminate smells.

See attached image thanks Robin

Well its certainly NOT a charcoal canister!!!

I’ll pull it out and get some better photos soon.

ALternator suppression module.pdf (353.3 KB)
I believe it is the “Alternator suppression module”, details attached.

1996 XJR


Thanks for that yes that’s the one!

I removed it to change upper fulcrum bolt and then replaced. After this car failed to start cranked but appeared no fuel. I think it’s not connected and think it was because I jacked up front of car and probably got crud from fuel tank in uptake due to angle. Anyone got any thoughts on this?


Matthew Osborn

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Did you maybe somehow manage to crush a fuel line?

Don’t think so but I will check it all again !!