Black fan part number

Last year I went with the steel six blade fan and HAYDEN heavy duty clutch, I wanted max air flow, it works but the howl is significant. My black fan is in bad shape so I was looking for the part number for the black Jag fan.

black fan part number is EBC4553.

The part number for the black cooling fan is EBC4553.


I would think a big part of that howl is the heavy duty clutch?

I went with the standard Hayden with black fan, still get a bit of howl when hot.

So the HAYDEN HD has a longer shaft than stock and you have to use it with the Imperial 220618 steel fan to clear the motor. The Hayden web site says at 160F it turns at 90% of the pully, since it sits about an inch closer to the radiator it caches more heat. Even when cooler it is fairly loud. My return hose temp gauge this AM at 80MPH with an OAT of 34F was about 140F, this past summer at 90F it shows a temp of 180F with the right bank temp at about 200F and the fan is really loud. Since I have the H/O Spal electric fan that really pulls some air I am going to try the black fan with the stock Hayden clutch.
Since it is cool now I can watch how the temp changes are affected by the change in engine driven fans. Also see how much quieter the black fan is.

With my stock Hayden clutch, black fan, and 180F thermostats, the fan by itself keeps the engine quite cool. In stop and go traffic, I rarely get past 190F. The electric fan comes on at 200F, which is almost never, unless it’s over 90F outside.

I actually checked my electric fan wiring in December because I hadn’t heard the electric fan come on at all since August.

In south Georgia in the summer it rarely gets UNDER 90F! LOL

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I also went for the standard Hayden with black fan, no modifications needed.
And I too get quite a bit of howl when hot, and here in Southern France it sure does gets hot… temp stays put at 88°- 90°.
Can’t imagine what the howl would be with the HD clutch…

I would guess the clutch howl is based more on what heat it’s pulling out of the radiator instead of the ambient heat outside.

My coolant temp range is only 180F-200F, so the howl isn’t too bad, and I believe that’s more about my running 180F thermostats.

Do you guys run higher thermostats? Thus maybe have 210-215F temperatures behind the radiator?

I use the 180F just like the post last year where all the different brands were looked at, I also showed the fitting I made to make sure the by-pass was closed with the stat open. like I said above, the HAYDEN site states the clutches start to lock at about 160F so even with a 180F stat the air coming through the radiator is over that.

Ahhh, so it’s fully locked at 160F? Good to know

Really? You’re going to presume that the air leaving the radiator is at the same temp as the coolant leaving the thermostat housing? Because I think you might need to study up on heat exchanger operation.

That was me. Ok, is it hotter or cooler?

the air could be over 160F if it has gone through a 180F radiator. Sure air flow speed and the ambient temp would also be a factor.