Bleed pipe fastener replacement

I am looking to replace the fasteners on the radiator bleed pipe. I can’t locate the part number in my PC. If anyone knows part number, where to find part number in the PC, or other thoughts of ways to fasten the bleed pipe, I would be greatly appreciative!

I used these, they come in lots of different sizes, including small enough to use on the bleed pipe. Try googling “loom clamp”.

LOKMAN 20 Pack 3/8 Inch Stainless Steel Cable Clamp, Rubber Cushioned Insulated Clamp, Metal Clamp, Tube Holder for Tube, Pipe or Wire Cord Installation

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Try C32746/1, C32746/2, C32746/3, Pipe Clip. Jaguar used these white plastic pipe clips for a variety of purposes to retain pipes or wire harnesses on a number of models. The /1, /2, /3 indicate differing sizes for differing pipes or wire harnesses.



I used some “p-clip” from ebay : the “p” stands for “P shaped”
I chose the one with insulation rubber, with the idea to prevent damaging the pipe because of vibrations

something like this should give you the right size without the need to measure, and the benefit of stainless

Went with the “p-clip” from my big box hardware store for less than 2 bucks for an 8-pack - 1/4" ID is a perfect fit.