Bling on 95 XJS conv

(John Plummer) #1

Saw wide wheel opening moulding on eBay for my 95 XJS conv., Jade Green metallic/black top.
Unsure of this being to much or not.
cosmetic only but does not look bad but may be to gaudy.

any thoughts?

(Peter Mohr) #2

I looked on ebay and couldn’t fend them but it sounds hideous.
How about a link?

(scrimbo) #3

Design wise…seems there are lots of opinions…my 88xjs has chrome fender opening trim which sets of my black paint…to me without that chrome all others seem pale…all body mods end up being personal…ask yourself. .what genre do i want…hot rod…racing…elegance…pristine original…or sloppy junky gaudy tasteless …you have to decide for yourself…you wouldnt want anyone to pick your lifestyle out for you…it’s personal.Screenshot_2019-03-15-11-30-01-1

(John Plummer) #4

I found this on Google Images from

Fender trim on the JAG Pics - Jaguar Forums - Jaguar Enthusiasts Forum

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(John Plummer) #5

This choice is more nebulous

(Peter Mohr) #6

The appearance is a personal choice. The only negative is that they can be a starting point for rust if not properly installed.

(Paul M. Novak) #7

Or those aftermarket stainless steel wheel arch strips could be an attempt to hide already started rust.

I don’t find them attractive but I know that some people do.


(John Plummer) #8

Yeah. I am on the side of original is best. I vary if it is still period correct (normal add on at the time).

(Greg) #9

If I look at the side of an XJS from just the right angle, I see a little bit of the E type.

But it needs to have no chrome, no door protectors, and no decals. Luckily for me, I found an XJS without the chrome or protectors riveted on. All I had to do was take off the pin stripe. Can’t wait to give it a good polish and see that E type within. :slight_smile:

(scrimbo) #10

Minehave been on since new…car has hardly ever been in rain or bad weather. …never out in winter
.don’t see any problems. …

(scrimbo) #11

(scrimbo) #12

Now I am different. .I never like the looks of an e type. …a xk150 was appealing tome…see its all personal…nothing really to discourse about…hoho and away we go…i got my xjs from a friend…just a chance deal…sometimes we are happy with what comes our way…my old saying is…THE HARDER WE LOOK…THE LESS WE FIND

(John Plummer) #13

Look good on yours
Still unsure on mine. Most with them are earlier models


(John Plummer) #14