Blower Fan dismantlement from heater motor

Hello to everyone from Berlin,
Behause of a lot of noise comming from the Heather Motor of my late jag xk 150, I have opened the blower Box and found some nutshells and a mummified mouse. Nevertheless I tried to refurbish the blower fan and Heather Motor - to fix maybe the bearings. But I found no way to pull of the Fan from the motor shaft. Who can help?

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Below are photos of my late 150 fan motor and squirrel cage fan.
The fan is held onto the shaft by a brass 9/16 compression nut.
Once you remove the nut, the fan should slide off the shaft.

Hello Killer58,

Thank you very much - my fan is very similar to your picture. I am Not very confident that I can Remote that Bronze nut. But I will try out. Die you ever try to oil of to change the bearings.
Greetings from the cold and closed by Corona restrictions Berlin👍

The nut is brass so it shouldn’t be too hard to loosen.

I have not tried to change the bearings. My car is an OTS, and therefore a fair weather car only. So I don’t intend to rely on the heater or the fan, it’s enough for me to simply know it works.

Thank you for your kind help, so I have only the Money for a FHC :wink: but I am still looking- but most of the cars are still in Canada or US - German wether maybe not sunny enough. Have a nice weekend.


Thanks a lot for the help. Do you are anyone else have an idea or information which beerings are used in the blower fan motor - or is it neccessary to change the whole system if it is really noisy?