Blower squirrel wheel cage damage

(Joseph) #1

Hello gents!
This damage happened in April 2018. That circle frame of the wheel broke off in pieces. I was able to get all pieces out that went into the evaporator. Some remained in the blower assembly, so I had to open it up to remove them. It is the left side blower. The wheel blades are held on by the other side of the wheel frame and the damaged ends are just floating in the air but they still work.
Am I the only one with this problem or it happened to others?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Never had that happen in quite a few years of ‘40 ownership (2.9 and 4.0)

(Dick Maury) #3

This is actually not all that uncommon. When we rebuild these, we replace the fan with a aluminum one and a new sealed motor. Note that the motor commutator and brushes are in the air stream. If the air were filtered, that would help but they do get dusty and dirty which causes wear. Coming up with a used squirrel cage fan one like you have should not be a problem but then with the effort to replace it, do you want it to happen again? Also take note that they are left and right as far as which way the fans tilt.

(Joseph) #4

Robin, Dick,

thanks guys for the reply. It still works and I won’t touch it until the blades start to break off then I gotta replace it. Also, does anyone know a stronger motor that fits for increased airflow? It’s not too bad if I use the a/c but sometimes I want better airflow when I use just the fans without turning on the a/c. Thanks!

(Robin O'Connor) #5

Are you sure that both fans are turning? One can fail and then the airflow is greatly diminished.

(Joseph) #6

I just checked both blowers and they work. Years ago I replaced the relays in them plus installed new brushes too. The old ones in the right motor were worn out to the point that there was no contact and the motor stopped working. So I replaced the brushes in both of them. I also resoldered all joints in the L and R fuse boxes. A cracked joint in the B4 fuse prevented the left motor to run so I did both fuse boxes. But I still haven’t replaced the micro switch in the a/c control panel so sometimes I have to go between the low med high settings to get the fans running. But I’ll do that too some time.
Thank you for your advice.

( Larry ) #7

try a squirt of contact cleaner in there Joe while switching them back and forth quickly a few times …it might help!

(Joseph) #8

Thanks Larry, I’ll try it.

(Robert Laughton) #9

I got confused by this a while back. I removed several blower motors, and couldn’t understand why those mounted in the left side of the car were stamped “R” and the right-mounted ones had “L”.

I finally realized R and L was the direction of air flow out of the box, always towards the center matrix. That was a head scratcher for a bit.


(Dick Maury) #10

Left and Right are one way on the XJ40 blowers. They are opposite on the metal XJS & XJ6/1-2-3 blowers. So left and right don’t always mean which side of the car they are mounted on. BTW: the sealed motors and metal fans we use blow about 20% more air at full blast. We actually measured this with a air velocity measuring device. Unfortunately, the metal fans have a different size shaft hole than the original motors. All must be replaced as a unit if upgrading.

(h s law) #11

Hi Dick. You must be with Black Dog, thats where I got my new blower units a number of years ago and they do have at least 20% more air coming out.

(Dick Maury) #12

No, with Coventry West. Black dog is Motorcars in Texas. Similar product and process though.