Bluetooth issues in 2016 xf

Hi All,
Has anyone had issues with the XF bluetooth connection to android phones? I bought an XF 2016 and it will not stay connected consistently to any android phone I have. Tried every combo, software updates and also going backwards with software, but no luck.

I went to the dealer with the issue and they said that there is an issue that also affects land rovers, and when I tested out on another 2016 xf on the dealer’s lot it had the same problem. Dealer said that the software compatibility fix should be out shortly, but it had been four months since with no hands free capability.

I don’t think they are going to find the solution. Any ideas on what I might be able to do to work around it? Or maybe who I can escalate the issue to? I don’t know who to talk to beyond the dealer to find out the real skinny on if a fix is in the works.

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You might try a Google search for Jaguar TSB bluetooth.

My XF is 2009 and have never had the issue you describe. Used Samsung Galaxy S5 and S10+

Thanks Jim,
I will check out the search later today. I have the problem across both Motorola and Samsung galaxy phones (S10+ and 10Note). When I tried another 2016 XF it did exactly the same thing, so i am not sure if it is limited to that year of car but it seems to be independent of the phone type other than android. Like yours, my 2012 XJ doesn’t have the problem.
Thx LM

Whoa, that turned into a deep dive. I am typing this up just for anyone following.

Seems that the cause was an update to Samsung’s operating system that came in after the S8. I found much more information on the Samsung phone forums. Seems that Android and Jaguar/LR were not in sync so the forum was full of XE and XF, plus Discoveries with the same problems.

In June one post was particularly helpful:
"Just spoke with Jaguar customer support, there was a bluetooth update in Android 9.0 and the latest iOS that causes connections to drop and rejoin, JLR is working on a near-term update for comparability with this latest (unnamed) Bluetooth handshake “upgrade”. The support rep said development is done and its currently in interoperability and QA stages, so likely only a few months away at the latest. Crazy that Google and Apple dropped this on the world without giving car manufacturers a heads up. "

Samsung is also evidently aware of it, but so far no answers have been provided. The problem is across android from the sounds of it, but the information I pulled was Samsung specific.

One jag owner noted they found a solution with an AP called Bluetooth Phonebook:

The review of the ap says:
Michael B
July 31, 2019

“I was having issues maintaining a connection between my Samsung S9+ and my Landrover via Bluetooth after the Android 9.0 Pie update. It was extremely annoying and both Samsung and Land Rover, who each acknowledged that the issue was both known and widespread, could offer no solution. A simple download of this app fixed the problem completely! Thanks!!”

I haven’t tried this yet, but am hopeful it might help.

Follow up: the Bluetooth Phonebook ap above appears to solve this maddening problem!

Good to know Lark. Thanks for following it all up