Bluetooth module replacement

My android phone stopped connecting to the car. The car could not see the phone and the phone could not see the car. Conclusion failed bluetooth module. Solution get one from a wreck and replace it. When I was looking for a new module there were none to be found in the US and I got one off E-Bay in the UK. Installing it was relatively simple. Take out the drivers seat, well undo the 4 bolts and tilt it back as far as you can - take off the Jaguar sill plate it pry’s off, pry of the plastic at the bottom of the B pillar far enough to lift the carpet not all the way off, peel back the carpet and there it is. Now actually getting it out I thought would be a breeze because there are two 10mm nuts to undo disconnect the two cables and out it would come. Well the nuts are deeply recessed and none of my 10mm sockets would do the job, all were too thick to fit around the nut. You would need a really slim socket to undo the nuts. I gave up and simply placed the new used module over the top of the old one, reconnected the cables, put back the carpet, the seat and the trim and off I went. There is enough space under the seat to fit 2 modules one on top of the other nice and snug. Phone works great - no rattles - total cost about $100 for the module from the UK and about an hour of my time. I did have some experience with this since I replaced the TPMS module under the passenger seat a few days ago and it was a similar process except in that instance I could get the old one out. There is a great thread on this forum for replacing the TPMS module complete with pictures which will help in taking out the drivers seat. Note this is a US 2010 XF - location of modules might be different in the UK model. Saved myself a ton of money - be brave its not difficult.

Thanks for the report. My blue tooth is spooky. I can connect my iphone and it works fine for maybe two days and then it disconnects. It takes me a half hour to reconnect but when I can only hope to stay hooked up for 2 days I loose interest. I’ll just talk on my phone like in the good old days. I’ll keep your fix in mind.