Body back at last!

At long last my DHC body is back from the blaster. It’s looking pretty much as I expected: the only serious areas for attention are the metal floor sections and sills. I’ll also replace the short bottom channel in the hinge frames, which will be much easier with the sills off.

I could just shoot a coat of clear or two over the primer, as this is close to the colour I want…

The bulkhead area is in good shape:

…but the rear floors will need a bit of TLC.

Unfortunately, the previous (and only other) owner decided he needed a bigger glove box, which will take a bit of rectification.

There’s also an interesting cut in the toeboard visible, which I think has something to do with a clutch repair.

Time to fire up the MIG and TIG!


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Looking good, indeed. That’s probably one of the least rusted XK120s in existence.

You’re right. That looks pretty good. Always good to see a major step in such a project completed.

Thanks Nick - should have said, it’s a 140 so it’s had a few years less to rust.

What’s that big round hole to the left of the driveshaft tunnel? Do all 140s have that?
If you had an ENV axle I would have said it was to reach the dipstick, but a 140 would have the Salisbury axle, no dipstick.

Apparently that’s for access to the radio amplifier. I believe all 140s had this.

Just shows my drophead body ignorance, Roger. Still, what I’d characterise as a low rust example. I’d have been delighted if my 120 project started off as solidly.

Now noticing the firewall in your pics.

Quick question, does the 140 share the same battery boxes as the 150 in the wing?

On the RHD drophead the battery (single 12 volt) is in the left hand front wing.

I am puzzled as to the location of the radio amplifier. I thought it would probably be fixed in the boot somewhere, possibly under the parcel shelf.

I don’t know for sure, Eric - I think I saw it on another thread.

Thanks Eric, I would think it would stay in the same place for a RHD car? Or does it change sides? I posted a separate request for the physical size of the box but had no response?

No, Robin - the battery boxes swap sides too. They are mirror images and quite complex in shape and design. I have a new RHD one I will be installing soon that I could measure, but not for a week or two as I’m currently in Andorra with the old Mustang.

Thanks Roger, the guy will probably have ordered flat pack ones from the UK by then.

Amazing, that the headlight pods seem to be relatively unaffected!

Yes, no welding needed on headlamp or sidelamp nacelles, thankfully.