Body panel finishing

(Bill) #1

This is the interior view looking toward the front of the car from the rear with the spare tire and tank cover removed. There is evidence of some padding that was present - for sound and heat I’m guessing? Does anyone have a picture and or description of how this should be finished off?

67 s1 2+2


(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #2

This is an OTS but original (I think) with no padding (except a bit under the tank as I recall):

(Karl) #3

It’s a piece of jute with a thin hardura like covering. One goes against the forward bulkhead there, and another opposite on the rear most bulkhead. It seems no one sells it. At least I hadn’t found it yet. Mine are in bad shape, but I did retain them for a pattern if I found the material.

(Geoff Allam) #4

Go to the factory fit sections of the etype uk forum and there are some pictures of original cars with the padding intact. If I remember correctly there is also a picture of some type of material over the top of the fuel tank. It will take a bit of scrolling through to find them.

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(Joel F Hutchins) #5

Richard Michael Owen recently posted on You Tube a E Type he bought and at about 8:25 he shows you this piece.
I will add the link, hope it works.

Regards, Joel.

(Bill) #6

really interesting video! Thank you for sharing. I’m guessing there is no chance of obtaining any sort of jute based padding to replace what has gone missing… I’m also wondering what is under my gas tank (replaced).


(69 FHC ) #7

I couldn’t find the padding for the top of the fuel tank so I bought some bulk hardura and made my own. Not exactly what came from the factory but it’s fairly close and looks pretty good.


Factory documentation shows that the FHC and 2+2 came with hardura mats on the front and rear face of the spare tire well as well as a hardura mat on top of the tank. In addition there was damping material (flintkote) between the ribs under the spare tire. There is no indication that the OTS had any of these. All cars had thick “rubberized felt” pad under the tank.

I suspect this is because the cabin is exposed to spare wheel well noise on the FHC and 2 + 2 but not on the OTS.

Richard Liggitt

(69 FHC ) #9

Does the documentation specify it was actually hardura and not something similar?
The mat I recall on the fuel tank of the 2+2 I had was different than the bulk hardura I put on the FHC. The stuff on the 2+2 seemed to be made of thinner vinyl over thinner, finer padding and the embossed pattern was not as pronounced. All that could just be the difference in what was produced half a century ago compared to what is being produced today.

(Steve) #10

I will upload the photo of the piece when I can get to it.
Best photo during deconstruction…

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(Steve) #11

Found the piece…
flattened the curl for an accurate measurement. The bottom is deteriorated but must assume the left bottom was similar to the right bottom.

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(Bill) #12

Absent finding a source of the original sort of jute covering… I’m wondering if using something like this would be sacrilege… My 2+2 is far from concourse and will likely never be so perhaps this would deliver a similar outcome?


I am only going by the factory documentation. Both the FHC and 2+2 call out for:
BD.29258 Hardura, on front face of Spare Wheel Well
BD.29259 Hardura, on rear face of Spare Wheel Well
BD.29260 Hardura, over Petrol Tank

Richard Liggitt

(Karl) #14

I have all the original cockpit hardura, and original boot / tire well hardura. They are not much alike at all.

(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #15

I agree John, the pad over the tank is nothing like the covering on the rear face of the wheel well. The tank cover is some kind of thin black stuff covering a jute like matting. I believe my tank cover is original, it’s certainly ancient looking!


I found a factory entry for the 2+2 (only) that reads:

“BD.29186 Rubberized Felt, for Petrol Tank”

I don’t know what that means but it is what is in the parts manual. It may be what goes on top of the tank instead of the Hardura.

Richard Liggitt

(69 FHC ) #17

Thanks Richard. I thought it was a similar to, but not exactly the same as, the Hardura under the seats. If the factory is calling it Hardura that’s good enough for me.

(69 FHC ) #18

Well, Les has, and I had a 2+2. But the material on the tank of my FHC looked the same as what I recall was on my 2+2. Regardless, I’m happy with the mat I cut out of a sheet of Hardura.

(69 FHC ) #19

I just googled that part number and was led to this thread of a few years ago.

[E-Type] Photos of FHC boot hardura and insulating felt.

The author of the first post says that piece is the one that goes under the tank; that moisture holding piece of rubbish that promotes rust.


He was referring to BD.20339. This part first shows up in the 3.8 manual as:
‘Ruberized Felt, under Petrol Tank (6" x 7" x 1/2")’

I am not clear on what BD.29186 is other than what the 4.2 2+2 parts manual and the factory parts price manual says – “Rubberized Felt, for Petrol Tank” and just “Felt” respectively.

Richard Liggitt