Bodywork oversights easily caught pre-paint

When I do my bodywork I take a GREAT deal of time making sure this kind of work is eliminated. I get it, edges catch everything and take quite a hit when skimming and blocking. This area of this car shouldn’t have gotten primer let alone color coat in this condition.

PLEASE, if you’re having a car restored by someone else, insist on inspecting the car before the finish coat is applied. This kills an otherwise good looking car.

When looking at a car to buy, don’t be shy about peeling back the rubber in a few spots. You’ll be amazed at this little detail left behind. I’m sure the boys expected this to be hidden. They should have fixed it.


Yep: a other pet peeve was when other painters didn’t mask the remaining rubber, like the stuff on a Rover door, then sprayed paint through the door crack, liberally coating the rubber.


Looks like a lot of bondo is used :thinking:

That can be deceiving. Build-up at an edge can happen even if all of it is sanded off the adjoining surface.

In this area on the 120 the factory used a great deal of lead. If rust repair disturbed that, it’s got to be put back to re-contour.