Bolt Part Number

(Eric Capron) #1

Had to replace another coil today for an intermittent misfire. I knew it was one of the coils in Bank 2 so only four to try but getting access to the coils on this side on a RHD car is a real pain as the cabin filter and its housing need to be removed. With patience, you can wriggle the plastic parts out but the job is a heck of a deal easier if the brace between the inner wings is out of the way.

The last time I thought about removing it I gave up because having tested the bolts I thought they would shear rather than undo. Recently, a friend had suggested I might be able to rattle them free with an impact wrench but the first one I tried, the head sheared straight off. I’ve drilled the remains of the bolt out and re-tapped the hole. I’ve temporarily put in a standard M8 bolt but I would like to use the right bolts and there are seven of them in all.

Although the thread is M8, Jaguar use a bolt with a smaller than standard head. The bolt also has a large washer which is free to rotate but is captured under the head. I have looked on various sites but I cannot find the part number for these bolts so if anyone knows please tell me so that I can order them.

Shropshire, UK

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Eric, Just google the description;
‘M8 small head bolt with captive washer’
and see what comes up in your neck of the woods.

(Rob Reilly) #3

Well, I found the place in the parts catalogue where it should have been listed. The brace is XR8003497, but the screw is not mentioned.
Maybe its used somewhere else on the car, like doors or hood or trunk lid?

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #4

I think it may be : XR812941

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #5

Maybe NOT!
A photo of the cross brace would be helpful.

(Rob Reilly) #6


(Eric Capron) #7

That is the brace concerned. Thanks for the photos Rob.

I did look at Jaguar Classic but the illustration isn’t the one. I was hoping to save a trip over to Barratts but I’ll go and see if they have them. I need to pick up some of the plastic clips as well.


(Eric Capron) #8

To answer my own question in case anyone else needs to order these bolts, the part number is XR856095


(Neil Bennett. Patron) #9

Thanks for that Eric, I searched everywhere and unearthed possible part Nos. but no pictures to confirm any of them.