Bolting The Propshaft To The Diff Should I Use Washers As Well As Nylock Nuts and Bolts?

Hi I am in the process of Bolting the Propshaft to the Diff on an XJS and have come across a difference of opinion

As Well as the proper Propshaft Bolts with Nylock Nuts should you use Washers as well or just the Nuts and Bolts on their own

If I do need to use Washers what sort would I need?

The only reason I can think of to use washers here would be to use locking washers, but if you’re using Nyloc nuts that is superfluous. Unless you see them in the parts manual I wouldn’t consider them.

Definitely no washers under the bolt heads, as that would mislocate the shear load on the bolt shank. Can’t recall ever seeing washers under the nuts. I think in general it’d be a bad idea, because the bolts are hard, the nuts are hard, the flanges are hard, but a washer might be relatively soft and cause the attachment to loosen under load.

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Never used any washers on that connection on any of my critters…


No Washers it is then, the reason I was asking was I saw a diagram online that showed washers

But I am using the proper shouldered bolts with Nylocks so I should be ok

Thanks for your help