Bonnet catch bracket

I am looking for the date/vin of the change over of the bonnet mounted part of the catch. Somewhere between 1982 and 1989 the catch attached to each side at the rear of bonnet itself changed from a 3 bolt fixing to a 4 bolt fixing.
Any clues welcome.

From description I assume you’re talking about this:

Haven’t seen 3 bolt version on nothing between 83 and 89, pre 83 was on 3 bolts, not sure about exact VIN number.

These are on my 95 v12 coupe. The one picture is driver side cable through the firewall.

This was meant to be on just prior post

Hi Baxtor, my MY 88, (assembled 4/87) Has the triangular plate with three small metric bolts.

Thanks for replies from all. This is not a real big deal, just trying to stay original on replacement bonnet after meeting a skippy and need to narrow the search.
Needed for 1989 XJRS.

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Wow, looks like it’s adding plenty of character to your Jag! Lights and bumper intact, you’ve scored a sweet spot. Some time ago I wanted to do something similar - bent-all-over XJS, unfortunately I was informed it won’t pass the MOT…

Buy bonnet without brackets (hooks). 9 our of 10 times those imperial bolts will snap-off/must be drilled. Either you will do it yourself to adjust latching or you will let someone agree to do the job (not being aware what they’re against).

Caught him mid hop dead centre of the bonnet. Bounced off me straight into the front of oncoming semi. Happened two hours into 1200 klm trip and never missed a beat.
Damage to bonnet, grill and one headlight surround but left untouched all surrounding panels and underbonnet parts.

Parts Catalogue #JHM 1163 doesn’t give VIN, only, only Part No. RTC1541 for 3 bolt and BJC1899 for 4 bolt. So assume if you buy replacement bonnet you will need to purchase correct Striker.

Are we sure both strikers are located in the same spot?

Apparently yes, the only changes were related to shape of the hook which has been revised after facelift (damage caused to the bonnet’s seal), they’ve used studs instead of bolts (nuts from the top). And one more thing the catch was also modified to allow easier locking. Actually I take it back. Or maybe not.
To summarise, anything pre-facelift will fit. (83-89)

I assume they are since body mounted catch did not appear to change until facelift.