Bonnet Catch Front Hold Down MKIV

Hello friends,

Does anyone have a source for a front bonnet hold down for a MKIV? I have one but need another, sadly. The previous owner put it in the “safe keeping” box. :weary:


I was not to find a supplier when I needed one, so I made one from a length of bar and threaded the ends. Quite an easy job if you have a good bench vice, hacksaw, hammer, and cutting die. I suspect much less cost as well. The sizes and dimensions you can copy off the one you have.


try to use :



Hi Polti,

Thank you for the suggestion but it’s the part shown in the photo I posted previously. I have all the original screw-down catches, fortunately.

Thank you too, David. I would like to find another original but if not then it will need to be fabricated, as you have done.

Kind regards to both of you,