Bonnet - Hood Alignment Body Panel Adjustment

Hello : I thought I would post this to help others with hood adjustment as its something I have just completed on my series 3 XJ6 : I know there are other posts on this and I appreciated them and they were of a great help. Im hoping this one adds a little extra and felt it didn’t fit directly on another post . Here is what I learnt , again some tips came from other members here.
1: take the grill out
2: take the 2 spring loaded bonnet pins out : These are the 2 that lock the bonnet down .( Tip know that the bonnet , latches can be released by removing rubber grommets from inside underneath the wheel wells if your bonnet release cable doesn’t work) .
3: When removing bonnet pins take note of the adjustment lock nut distance , if you intended pulling the pins apart to clean them .
4: MARK EVERTHING before loosening any hing adjustment , so that you can get back to your starting point , also I would add extra marks as i made positive changes.
5: the safety catch at the top of the bonnet, near the windscreen , i taped mine back so i didn’t have to keep releasing it.
6: loosen the 6 bolts , 3 per side down near the grill , if the bonnet is not cracked and you get some movement there close the bonnet , use thin cloths to protect the wings / guards . Look at the bonnet from the front left to right , up and down , at the front . For me this is where i set my front adjustment , looking at the head lights . Only left to right and up and down , NOT the windscreen end or guard alignment / gap towards the windscreen .
7: once step 6 is reasonable move to the 2 bolts either side down under the bumper ; Warning the lock nuts are nearly impossible to get at . Mine are 9/16 spanner size , I cut an open end spanner and welded it back , it meant the spanner had a sharp 90 degree head , it also sloped down slightly . The other spanner required on mine was a 3/4 .
8: Loosen only one side of the 2 bolts ( step 7 ) now go to the windscreen end and pull or push the bonnet , hood across left to right . This adjustment has the biggest effect on bonnet alignment , way more than the 6 bolts near the grill .
9: the 2 bolts under the bumper really control the alignment left to right as well as in and out ( the bumper mounts can also effect in and out but change bumper at the same time).
10: Having someone help and getting them to press the bonnet down in the center near the windscreen is a big help .
11: refit bonnet pins : This can have some effect on alignment . There are some tips else where regarding bonnet pins that are worth reading.
12: below is a youtube link that other good people have shared , it includes more than just the bonnet / hood adjustment .

I hope this helps
Regards Michael