Bonnet/hood gas strut supports

Late XJS’ have them. I got mine off Robert Laughton. $25 for a set of four.
All of the aftermarket studs I found had course vs. fine threads. The original Jaguar studs have the correct thread.


Can confirm that ball studs from 2004 stype and ball studs on 1991 xj6 do not fit on a 88 xjs. Trying to find ball studs that do work. I think 1997-2003 xk8 xkr ball studs will work but cannot confirm trying to find some

If your gas hood supports are the eyelet type, what size and thread are the fasteners which go through the eyelets?

On my 87, the bolt threads for the eyelet struts are 5/16-24. Commonly available ball studs are 5/16-18 and won’t work. As I stated previously, late XJS ball studs are the correct thread and work fine.

stran0020 said they didn’t fit on his 88 xjs, is it possible there were two sizes/threads used on some newer years, maybe before changing to another size/thread?

With Jaguar, many things which seem to be not practical/not logical are “standard practice”, or so it seems.

And some times it’s the difference between year made and model year, and cars made at the end of the year before the MY sometimes seem to be comingled between the two … as is the case of my 1983 MY and 10/1982 year made XJ-S.

Thus I’m waiting to find out what size/thread his fasteners are. I think that will be the best way we can help him

He didn’t use XJS ball studs. He tried XJ6 and S type studs. What thread rhey have, i don’t know.

Ah, yes, that does make a difference.

Lot of 12 Ball Studs 30mm Long 11mm Ball 5/16-24 Thread | eBay

They won’t work. They have an 11mm ball. The struts need a 10mm ball.

Liftsupportsdepot has been a good source. Add .com at the end

Liftsupportsdepot is where I bought the gas strut lift supports for my car - I just sent their customer support asking if they have 5/16-24 ball studs which fit their 10mm or 13mm ball sockets.

Never hurts to ask, they may have a source for such.

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I’m assuming my 88 XJS ball stud threads are the same 5/16-24. The issue is finding someone that has late model XJS ball studs they are willing to sell for a reasonable price. It looks like new ones are available but are $50 for one.

I tried ball studs from stype and xj6 because those cars pop up some what often at my local junk yard. Haven’t seen an xjs at my local junk yards yet.

I have a few 5/16-24 available from my 94 XJS.
Contact me offline for details.

Sent you a DM, it sure how else to contact you about the ball studs

I finally got them out of their hiding place this morning.
Will get the tap & die measuring stuff out soon and get back to you.
Sorry about the delay.

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Did liftsupport have a supplier?

Liftsupports did not have a supplier for 5/16-24 ball studs which fit their 10mm or 13mm ball sockets…