Bonnet (hood) prop bracket

Does any one have this bracket on their 140FHC bonnet ? Mine is missing and it would be nice to have some detail.


Does this help? Unfortunately I no longer have my XK 140 so I cannot provide any dimensions. But I assume the holes for the bolts are still in the bonnet and the rest can be derived from the spacing between these holes.

Regards, Bob K.

I am the new custodian of Bobs XK140 FHC. I can make measurements if you need them.


Thanks both
I should be able to come up with something suitable. I did not realize the trim bolts also secured it .


Torsten when you get a moment I would appreciate some measurements of the prop . No rush
Thanks Jim


Please let me know what it is you want me to measure…the prop is the stick… right?

The length is pre self determined ie one end pivots on bracket shown in above pic the other end clips onto small bracket riveted to rear of bonnet it can only be that length

So my next question…there must be some sort of clip on the bonnet to secure the prop (stick) when not in use ?


Is this what you’re missing? You should still see the holes for the pop rivets at this location (unless you’ve replaced that part of the bonnet. The rubber is offered by the “usual suspects”.

Bob K.

Perfect . Thanks Bob