Bonnet / hood two different sizes!

Fitting the chrome trims to my MKIV
All was going well until I fitted the the last bonnet side trim, it is too long by 1/2 inch !

Checked out the other one I fitted and the chrome trim is the correct size, both chrome trims are the same length, one of the bonnets is 1/2 shorter than the other !***
what’s the explanation here ? one is 47" and the other is 47.5"
I think the 1.5 bonnet was a lot shorter than 1/2 inch but maybe I’m wrong, in any case I cant believe manufacturing tolerances could be this slack
anybody got any ideas how this has come about ?
Packed up for the day in disgust !

The 1.5 ltr is a much short engine bay (with just 20 slots in the bonnet) - so yours is unlikely to be from the smaller engine car. My chrome trims where different lengths from each other, so one side is slightly short but the other positioned to slightly overlap the radiator (as the bonnet drops down and the extra chrome trim length will not foul the bonnet).

I measured the bonnet sides on my '38 car. Both are 47" front to the point.

Hi Rob , thanks for that, I’ve measured the bonnet side and the louver side and there is 1/2" difference in both, I cannot understand this, there are no signs off replacement metal or any other tell tale signs, I suppose I will have to live with it and leave fitting up the bonnet to the last to try to get some symmetrical proportions once on the car, although I will have to cut back one of the chrome trims