Bonnet landing seal? where to get a softie?

I have the bonnet seal that came with my complete rubber set years ago from SNG.


Yes, I know this is too short. It’s the trimmings.

it is fairly stiff despite having it bake in the sun for 2 days and sit under the bonnet lip in very warm garage for 2 days.

I recall that the old seal I removed, can’t vouch for authenticity, was very foam like. Has anyone purchased a “foamy” one and from which vender?


I just installed the same seal you show. The problem is that it was slightly wider than the channel. There was no way to get it to sit in there without the sides sitting crooked. The bonnet goes on next…

Hello Bill,
I’ve never seen this seal in what I would construe as being “foamy”, but I have seen many that are softer and smaller than what you have. As you have found, the resistance of this seal will have an affect on the fit of the bonnet; XK Unlimited supply one that works.



thanks all.

I may be ok with the seal shown. I haven’t glued it in yet but just laid it down and fit the bonnet and it seems to be collapsing well. Will send a pic when I get a chance.

Mine is not glued and, I suspect, has never been glued. It sits securely and fits a metal clip at each end. Note, that is on a Series 2.

Same here. No need for glue, where’s it gonna go?

I left it off on purpose. The engine compartment needs every possible escape route for hot air in Texas summer heat…especially with AC.

Without that seal in place there is not metal to metal contact between the bonnet and top of the bulkhead ?

68 E-type FHC

Not if the rubber bumpers on the latch guide pins are adjusted properly.

I was recently advised not to use words like flaccid and ‘softie’ around here…


I got mine in a kit from SNG a couple of years ago and it fits well and is somewhat softer than yours looks. I also wiped the surface with Shin-Etsu Silicone grease, Honda part # 08798-9013 which softens the rubber.


Did you glue it down?

That’s where I got mine and it works perfectly. And the Shin-Etsu grease is wonderful stuff. I used it on all the weatherstripping and it works wonders. I had to search for it, one Honda dealer I went to had never heard of it, despite my giving them the part number. And the dealer price is about the same as anyplace I found on the internet.


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Twenty bucks with their shipping. I paid about $14 including sales tax at a Honda dealer in Hershey, PA and had it immediately. :grin:

Yes Bill, I did glue it down but only with a light weight cement, so it can be pulled off fairly easily without removing any paint.

I think it’s settled in well, can’t go lower. In a couple of spots it’s slightly below the cowl.

Close enough!

I see you park the snowblower just inside the garage door, too…:smirk:

No better place, and going to be used today!

I’d wait until the bear in the yard wanders off. :rofl:

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