Bonnet mystery thingies

OK, I know this has been answered before,

These things came back unattached to the bonnet from the body shop:

Does anyone have a picture of where they go and exactly how they attach. Does the short rubber piece (part of mudguard) have anything to do with them or is that just another misplace piece of my E puzzle?

The rubber and another one like it fit on the inside corner of the bonnet baffle above the left hand mudguard. It has a piece of steel strapping over it and you’ll likely find 3 pop rivet holes on the bonnet baffle unless for some reason they filled them.

The others don’t ring a bell with me.

The red pieces close a gap between the inner panels of the bonnet, immediately under the bonnet on Ser 1 cars. They have pieces of felt held on by copper rivets through the small holes you see on the flanges. Sorry I can’t give you a better description

The end can be seen in the center of this image just above the air duct.

On an old thread it was pointed out that many restorers leave these parts out. They may no longer fit where they are supposed to go if extensive work was done on the bonnet. After I put our bonnet together from 3 different samples there wasn’t enough clearance to put those spacers in, even without the felt glued on (I wouldn’t use rivets if I were doing it). They were close, but no cigar.
While I’m sure Jaguar put them in for a reason, that reason didn’t look critical enough to me to revamp lots of flanges and ducts in order to jamb them in there.

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(Side note to Gary Brinker: the speedo gears you generously sent me 5-6 years ago are still going strong. Thanks again!)

Thanks, Nick.

Now as regards the other side of the device…looking from engine side of R. fender…

There are two holes, one has a spring like device one is plain. What locates the bonnet thingie and which hole?

Asking because it doesn’t line up with either

Could it be a philips head screw, lock washer and large oval washer?


PS: it snowed here yesterday, 10 days before Thanksgiving??? WTH

Memory’s fading with time but I’m pretty sure that little air dam is held in place by pozidrive screws backed by an oval washer and lock washer as you surmise, which indicates the correct hole is the one with the screw retainer.

The dump of snow we got Thursday was less than anticipated, about an inch or so, now all but gone. Didn’t even break out the shovels from the shed.

forecast for a “wintry mix” that probably wouldn’t stick turned into 5-6 in of wet show which some which is still here. Plow man for driveway, shovels and snowblower.

I got to run my brand new snowblower and I thought buying that would guarantee me no snow. And I thought I was having it delivered too early on Nov 8th. HAH.

You may have received your answer to your question about the “Bonnet mystery thingies” ‘sealing panel’, one for the right and one for the left.
I will post a couple of photos that shows their position. As I understand it they complete the wheel well enclosure created by the front and rear diaphragms and the valance.1-125
The underside of my bonnet, the angled area at the front of the wheel well outline is where the sealing panel is installed.
This shows the sealing panel on the left valance. It is fastened to the valance by a set screw, washer and nut and to the left front diaphragm by a set screw, washer, lock washer and nut as I remember.
This is the right valance and the sealing panel is in place.
I installed them after the bonnet was assembled and I thought it was a pain doing it by myself.
Hope this helps.

Regards, Joel