Bonnet pull cable routing

On the XK120 FHC, is the bonnet pull cable attached at any place between the cowl and nose? Mine is just laying alongside the frame… it is supposed to be held in place somewhere by a clip?

Several omega clips in the right hand upper valence and one saddle clip in the lower forward valence. There are already holes there for them.
Credit for these goes to Tadek in Poland taking a lot of pictures of his before disassembling it for restoration.

Thank you. Those pictures are very helpful.

Suddenly I noticed a familiar photo… :wink:

However, there is something interesting on the 2nd photo - that’s the aluminum clip that goes on the carburettors - right in the middle of the shot.

These are rare, afaik.


Yep, well done Tadek!
It looks like yours was not attached but I think it must go on the rear carb air cleaner bolt, is that right?

Yes, I think so.

It was untraceable, really from the car, but I think it was the front bolt of the rear carb.

So, a quick quiz - there are 2 of these clips on the car - where does the 2nd one go?

And there is a prize - 2 clips are there for the winner! :slight_smile:

I think I made a bunch of them.

One more photo of the clip and the cable.


C.2711 clip, securing speedometer cable to clutch bell housing cover plate.

You won, sir, all i need is your address.:blush:

Could you be more specific on the location of the second clip? I want to put one on my FHC.

“C.2711 clip, securing speedometer cable to clutch bell housing cover plate.”

Tom Brady

Well, I’ll have to wait until mine come from Tadek, but I figure it will fit on the 1/4" bolt at the right front corner of my bottom cover. See my cable above it.

Those with the later type cover on the front would probably use the far right bolt.


Would this help?

Yes, thanks for the picture. I have the full bell housing that is not open on the bottom.

Tom Brady

The clips arrived yesterday, thank you Tadek. :smile: