Bonnet Rest Rubber Strip

I’m putting on the rubber channel at the rear of the Mark V bonnet.
So far seems to be straight forward, the self tapping sheet metal screws at the round corner where the 6 holes are smaller.
Mine did not have any BD.382/5 sealing packing strip.
Can anyone give me a description of that item? I suspect it was a thin strip of Sorbo or something along those lines?

Well, I found the plastic bag with my old rubber channel bits, always good to save everything, and along with the remains of 14 pop rivets, 20 cup washers and 6 self tapping slotted flat head sheet metal screws, there were two items in the bag which may account for the BD.382/5 sealing packing strip.

  1. What looks like it once may have been closed cell foam rubber, about 1/16" thick x 5/8" wide x 9" long strips laid down only on the shoulder areas, one on each side. It was spread out wider at the holes, presumably due to the force of the self tapping screws.

  2. What looks like tar paper, 1/16" thick x 1/2" wide, cut into strips between 3 and 4" long, 4 on each side, laid down between the pop rivets along the top and shoulders, but not on the sides. It was not spread out wider anywhere.

So at this point I am inclined to think the BD.382/5 sealing packing strip is an example of the body assembly guys using packing material as they saw fit to build up the rubber to meet the bonnets, and the amount needed could vary from one car to the next.
The SPC writer was maybe just putting something down as a place holder for parts ordering purposes, and the /5 in the BD.382/5 may indicate 5" length?

I’ll look through the SPCs to see if part BD.382 occurs anywhere else.

BTW the 593 rubber strip for bonnet rest (92" long) is divided at the center hinge so it is really two pieces each 46" long.

That sounds very plausible, Rob. It also sounds a little like a potential water / moisture trap. Would you suggest using some kind of sealing agent (rather than the tar paper) under the rubber strip before fixing the rubber strip down?


Sorry, a new boy question: where can I buy the bonnet rest rubber strip? I wont need it for several years but it would be useful to gather such information so that I can see what else is available / what I have to be careful of removing.

I can’t speak for the MkV but the SS and MkIV used a U shaped rubber extrusion held in place with bifurcated rivets: 654: Bifurcated copper split rivet - Bonnet Rest Tape - Coachfittings and Body Parts - Vintage Car Parts

The extrusion is of this form:


Scott’s Old Rubber might stock something similar:
Scotts Rubber Catalogue 2017.pdf (

Perhaps 234.014 ???


Worcester Classic Spares carries it as do Barretts. SNG Barratt UK | Keeping your Jaguar on the road

Excellent! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Three years ago I had no idea where to find / source anything. Though now… :wink: I’m very happy to help anyone looking for sources for parts. People who watch this Forum are also wonderful sources of parts.


If I recall correctly, there was a special tool to lock these. It was like a pair of pliers with a flat top jaw and a peaked bottom jaw to spread and roll the split tangs.

Worcester sells it in an 8 foot length, which was just enough for the Mark V with a couple of inches to spare hanging out in the engine bay.
After a lot of careful measuring, I decided there should be a strip of closed cell foam under the rubber channel so the bonnet will be even with the top of the scuttle.
I got some from an industrial supplier McMaster-Carr.
I tried to find stainless self tapping screws for the shoulders but nobody makes them with slotted heads anymore so I settled for phillips heads.

The curve at the bottom is a trick, and I think another fastener down there would have made sense, but the factory didn’t put one there, so I’ll think about that for awhile.

BTW since you chaps drew my attention to it, on my '38 SS there are only two bifurcated rivets on each side, one at each end of the channel. No other holes in the channel to suggest there were ever any more. There are a bunch of screws and nuts holding the scuttle panels together, but the rubber channel just sits on top of these. Was there some sort of adhesive used?

I’m not aware of any adhesive but I can’t remember removing a strip. Your SS is quite an early car but I think later cars have more rivets than you.